Explore Artistic wonders at the Sand City Hurghada Open-air museum, offering guided tours, night views, Sculpting Workshops, and Seasonal Exhibitions. Experience the magic of sand art in the heart of Egypt’s Red Sea resort area.

Located in the heart of Egypt’s Red Sea resort area, the Sand City Hurghada Open-air museum is a World-renowned treasure that celebrates the Ingenious craft of sand Sculpting.

As the largest Open-air sand museum in Africa,

this Attraction hosts a diverse range of Sculptures that appeal to all ages. Not convinced? Well, here are four brilliant ways to experience this sandy Spectacle.

About Sand City Hurghada Museum

consists of 22 sculptures and 6 reliefs that depict mythological figures,

notable military figures, protagonists from world-changing romances, gods, and goddesses.

About Sand City Hurghada Museum

Sand City Hurghada is the first open-air museum dedicated to sand sculptures in Africa and the Middle East. Its 42 sculptures ;

17 reliefs were created by artists from many nations who poured their hearts and souls into their creations.

Address Sand City in Hurghada

Sand City Hurghada, Across from the hotel Sunrise Grand Select Crystal Bay, Hurghada 84517 Egypt

Sand City Hurghada Open-air Museum: An Artistic Haven

The museum brings an exceptional blend of art, culture,

and fun through massive sand Sculptures intricately carved and pieced together by international artists. Inspired by iconic figures, Legendary events, and fantasy tales, the artwork will leave you Breathless. So, what’s in it for you? A lot!

Guided Day Tours: A Stroll in the Sun

What better way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D than Exploring this Under-the-sun museum? Guided tours offer an Adventurous way to Navigate through the Artistic maze of sand structures,

Embellished with Intricate detail, Revealing fascinating tales behind each masterpiece.

A Night Time Experience: Magic in the Sand

Looking for an Enchanting night out? The museum Beautifully lit up in darkness offers a magical viewing experience. The shadows cast by Lighting on the Sculptures,

playing hide and seek, create a Mystical aura perfect for an Enchanting evening.

Sculpting workshops: Unleash Your Inner Artist

Why only admire art when you can create it! The museum also hosts sand Sculpting workshops where you can learn the age-old craft of sand Aartistry. Under the Guidance of the skilled artists, you could get your hands dirty and make a Mini-masterpiece of your own!

Seasonal Exhibitions: A Cultural Extravaganza

From celebrations of the Pharaoh’s reign to Honoring world cultures,

Sand City Hurghada Open-air museum hosts Seasonal exhibitions to keep the Attraction alive.

These Diversely themed Showcases offer visitors a reason to return for a new sandy Spectacle every time!
Sand City Hurghada Open-air museum is more than a regular tourist Attraction; it’s an Artistic journey under the sun and stars. A place where every grain of sand tells a story,

and a picture that paints a thousand words is right under your feet. Are you ready to soak in the sun and lose yourself in the Artistic sand dunes?

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