The governor of the Red Sea, Amr Hanafi, in cooperation with Egyptian ministries, launched the First War Museum of ancient military equipment dating back to the Sixties and seventies of the last century by dumping it in the sea water in the city of Hurghada.

The museum was announced on Thursday by the media adviser of the governorate, Mohammed Makhlouf, pointing out that this launch was held in the presence of the minister of Environment, Yasmin Fouad, and the Arab environment ministers from Jordan, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

15 pieces tanks, troop carriers and infantry vehicles

Hurghada War Museum
Hurghada War Museum

The museum includes 15 pieces of Tanks, troop transport vehicles and infantry vehicles, where each of them hides a unique story and special importance, in 3 different locations, namely the reefs of the scaffold, the long veins and the Collector’s vein in magawish, which will create new diving sites in Hurghada, as the governor stressed that the development of new diving areas is one of the tools used by the world to protect the environment.

War Museum in Hurghada
War Museum in Hurghada

The first 3 Alternative dive sites in Hurghada

Consultant Makhlouf said that the governor described the event as a big and unique one, as it is the first in Egypt and Africa, and it also brings together the first 3 Alternative diving sites in Hurghada, and aims to preserve the natural coral reefs in the Red Sea, as well as it aims to relieve pressure on natural coral reefs, create new coral reefs, and an unforgettable experience that combines the charm of history and the beauty of the marine environment.

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