Experience Luxury at a Budget: Cheap All-Inclusive Resorts in Hurghada

Cheap all inclusive resorts in Hurghada Discover the charm of budget-friendly, luxury experience at cheap all inclusive resorts in Hurghada

Cheap all inclusive resorts in Hurghada Egypt

Egypt’s premier tourist destination, Hurghada, serves as a utopia for budget-conscious globetrotters seeking an all-inclusive holiday experience. Do these magical resorts exist? Indeed, they do! So, where do we start? Let’s unfold the world of affordable grandeur that stays hidden in the heart of Hurghada, Egypt.

Why Hurghada, Egypt?

A beachfront city by the Red Sea, Hurghada marks its prominence for balmy beach vibes and mesmerizing underwater ecosystems. But that’s not where the charm ends! The city expands its magic with an impressive series of economical, yet luxury all-inclusive resorts. How can one resist such a fascinating combo?

Unveiling the top 3 budget-friendly & Cheap all inclusive resorts in Hurghada

The enthralling city offers myriad budget all-inclusive resorts, but the top 3 that stand out for their exceptional service, exquisite locales, and economical offerings are the following:

  1. Sunny Days El Palacio Resort & Spa: This luxury resort offers an all-inclusive package covering a glorious seaside view, delectable meals, and a rejuvenating spa- all without breaking your bank.
  2. Hilton Hurghada Resort: Promising a pocket-friendly stay with tantalizing cuisine options, picturesque views, and excellent customer care service, Hilton Hurghada Resort allures budget holiday seekers globally.
  3. The Desert Rose Resort: This stellar resort steals the show with its reasonable prices that include luxury accommodation, fascinating meals, and an array of recreational activities.
    Ever thought a luxurious holiday could be this affordable?

Top 5 Cheap all inclusive resorts in Hurghada

Finding the perfect balance between comfort and affordability is often a challenge when traveling. But rest assured, Hurghada offers numerous options catering to a tight budget without compromising on enjoyment. So, what are the top 5 cheap hotels available in Hurghada?

1. Bel Air Azur Resort Adults Only 4* – The Affordability King

Bel Air Azur Resort
Bel Air Azur Resort

The hotel is located right on the shore of the Red Sea. The resort offers amazing conditions for vacationers and water sports enthusiasts. The hotel is only for adults 18+

The Bel Air Azur Resort (Adults Only 18+) is located in the chic resort of Hurghada on the Red Sea coast. The hotel is intended for adults only (over 18 years old). Here you can enjoy the perfect service, maximum comfort and tranquility. The hotel is located on its own beach. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, mini-bar, kettle and other amenities. The hotel has three restaurants, bars, a swimming pool, a fitness center, a sauna and many other entertainments. The hotel provides an opportunity to engage in water sports, including diving and snorkeling. An unforgettable vacation in Hurghada awaits every guest who has chosen the Bel Air Azur Resort (Adults Only 18+).

First on our list is Hotel One, known for its extraordinary service at unbelievably low prices. With vitality and vibrance, this hotel flawlessly combines luxury with affordability. Isn’t it delightful to find a hotel that respects your budget?

2. Hawaii Riviera Aqua Park Resort – Families and Couples Only 4*

Hawaii Riviera Aqua Park Resort
Hawaii Riviera Aqua Park Resort

Next up is Hotel Two, a comfort paradise for budget travelers. Its minimalistic design, coupled with top-notch facilities, assures an exceptional experience at a modest price. Wondering how much luxury you can afford on a tight budget? Look no further than Hotel Two.

A beautiful four-star hotel located on the first coast, 20 km from the airport of Hurghada.

Hawaii Riviera Aqua Park Resort has a fairly large territory. Hotel guests can also visit the territory of the neighboring Hawaii Le Jardin Resort hotel, but without the right to use the main restaurant and bars.

Another nice bonus is the presence of several heated pools in the hotel in winter and a magnificent water park with sixteen slides for children and adults.

The hotel has its own sandy beach. It’s big and wide. There are always enough places for everyone. Umbrellas, sun loungers and beach towels are provided absolutely free of charge. Access to the sea is carried out from the pontoon by stairs.

Food: according to the reviews of tourists, there is not much variety, but everything is always very tasty. There is meat, fish, vegetables, fresh pastries and a small assortment of fruits. In addition to the main restaurant, Italian, Asian and fish restaurants will be waiting for you here.

Minuses: old room stock, not very good cleaning

Pros: territory, water park, private beach, sea, delicious food

Bottom line: perfect for a family holiday!

3. Jungle Aqua Park 4*

The Jungle Hotel, located 13 kilometers from Hurghada Airport, offers a variety of amenities and services. It is on the second line and regularly hosts the UAS shuttle to the sea. The hotel’s Dana Beach Resort offers a beautiful beach and a large water aqua park, the largest in North Africa.

Red More About TOP Aqua Park Hotels in Hurghada with a Water Activities Park

Jungle Aqua Park
Jungle Aqua Park

A wonderful hotel, impressively located on the Red Sea coast, a 20-minute drive from Hurghada Airport.

The territory is large and well maintained. Everywhere there are blooming greenery and whole rivers from many pools. They are regularly cleaned, and the walking paths are watered and washed. The hotel is clean and tidy. Walking around such a territory is a pleasure!

There is also a water park equipped with a heating system in winter. It has a lot of slides and even has a swimming pool with artificial waves and a lazy river – a favorite of all tourists.

According to reviews, many return here not for the first time! And this is the most flattering and truthful assessment!

The hotel is located on the third coastline. The beach itself is sandy. You can get to it with a breeze by taking a ride on the hotel transfer, which runs back and forth every 30 minutes.

Food: the food is good. The choice of food is quite decent. There is always meat, fish, various fast food and fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to the main restaurant, several a la carte restaurants will be waiting for you here. Tourists in the reviews especially highlight the Egyptian restaurant.

Cons: third coastline

Pros: food, water park, territory, staff, beach, proximity to the airport

Bottom line: a delightful hotel for an unforgettable experience!

4. Hurghada Long Beach Resort 4* Cheap all inclusive resorts in Hurghada

Hotel Four exemplifies affordability and convenience. This place does not only offers a comfortable place to rest but is also strategically located near various attractions. Who said budget travellers can’t have it all?

This is a beautiful hotel surrounded by greenery, which is located 16 km from Hurghada International Airport.

The territory is simply huge, especially for a four-star hotel. There are a large number of evergreen palm trees, blue sky pools with pretty bridges and lots of recreation areas. All this instantly sets up a wave of rest and relaxation. Everyone will find entertainment to their liking in this place. In the evenings, animation shows are held, and during the daytime, guests are not allowed to get bored with sports and entertainment events.

Hurghada Long Beach Resort is located on the first coastline. The hotel has its own beach. It is completely sandy, but it is better to bring special shoes with you to enter the sea.

Food: the food is delicious, varied. According to tourists, the choice is not the biggest, but meat, fish, vegetables, fruits are always there and everything is fresh. You’ll definitely be full here. There are always free tables in the restaurant, and the staff cleans everything quickly and works very quickly.

Cons: some tourists complained about poor-quality room cleaning

Pros: food, reef, large territory, friendly staff

Bottom line: the hotel fully meets its four stars. I recommend you to visit!

5. Empire Beach Resort Hurghada 3*

Rounding off our list is Hotel Five, renowned for its lavish yet affordable accommodation. Here, budget travelers will experience a seamless blend of luxury and comfort without burning a hole in their pockets. Intriguing, isn’t it?

This hotel is conveniently located on the first coastline in the heart of the city of Hurghada, just 10 kilometers from the international airport.

By the size of the territory, Empire Beach Resort Hurghada, of course, is inferior to its five-star counterparts, but stands out favorably among three-star hotels. On a relatively small area of the territory there is absolutely everything that is necessary for a comfortable stay. There is a heated swimming pool in winter, the main restaurant and several bars. The hotel has animation: water gymnastics, belly dancing lessons, outdoor entertainment games. For an additional fee, you can even visit the diving center and scuba dive into the most beautiful Red Sea in the world.

Beach: the beach is private, large enough, so there are always free places. The beach itself is sandy and pebbly, but the entrance to the sea is small pebbles. There is a beach bar where you can always take a refreshing drink on a hot day or refresh yourself if you get hungry after a good swim in the sea.

Food: the food is delicious. There will be no delicacies on the buffet, but you will definitely not stay hungry here. Chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables are served every day. If you want something delicious, there is a good fish restaurant near the hotel with a large selection of seafood and pleasant prices.

Minuses: old Rooms

Pros: location, food, first coastline, free WiFi

Bottom line: a great hotel in the city center for outdoor activities!

Your perfect vacation guide in Hurghada

While Hurghada, Egypt captivates with its budget all-inclusive resorts, how to spend the day exploring the wide range of attraction points is another question. Drop by the mesmerizing Giftun Islands, plunge into an enthralling underwater adventure at Hurghada Grand Aquarium or unwind at the Marina Beach – the possibilities are endless!

Wrapping up

Whether you envision sunbathing by the Red Sea or encapsulating the tranquility of luxury resorts, Hurghada is your go-to destination. Can you imagine yourself soaking the warmth of the Egyptian sun while enjoying the opulence of these budget all-inclusive resorts?

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