When you go on holiday to Hurghada with your children, you often ask us what hotels in Hurghada with a water aqua park are available. Today we will analyze the best hotels with a water park

Titanic aqua park resort 4*

Titanic aqua park resort 4
Hotel Titanic aqua park resort 4Star

Titanic Aquapark Hotel is located on the second line from the sea, 15 kilometers from Hurghada Airport. The hotel recently underwent a major renovation of both the room stock and the territory . The food in the hotel is excellent, all the guests who were there were satisfied. The hotel has a large water aqua park and various slides. Suitable for both adults and children. The sea in the hotel is subject to low tides and is often shallow.

Sindbad club 4*

Sindbad club 4
Hotel Sindbad club 4 Star

Sinbad Club Hotel is approximately 5 km from Hurghada Airport. The second line of the hotel will not cause any inconvenience as the beach and the territory of the hotel are separated by the Mamsha promenade, it takes no more than 5 minutes to walk from the building to the sea. But the beach here is just gorgeous, sandy entrance. There are no corals. The Sindbud Club water aqua park is very good, there are enough slides . There are both slides for small children and for older children. The food is varied and delicious. Considering hotels in Hurghada with a water park, this option should not be excluded from attention.

Jungle aqua park 4*

Jungle aqua park 4
Hotel Jungle aqua park 4

The hotel is located 13 kilometers from Hurghada Airport. It is located on the second line ( I would even say on the third), and the UAS shuttle regularly goes to the sea . The beach on the territory of the hotel Dana Beach Resort . Good and varied food. The water aqua park at the Jungle Hotel is very large, with many slides and pools. In terms of the area of the water park and the number of slides, it is the largest in North Africa.

What would I choose?

If I chose hotels in Hurghada with a water aqua park, I would most likely choose the Sinbad Hotel . This is the perfect combination of a good water park and a gorgeous sea. But when booking, it is worth considering that the hotel has rooms without balconies, which confuses me a little. We got into such a room ourselves, but we turned to the reception and it was replaced without extra charges.

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