Before traveling anywhere, the first thing you think about is money and here comes the question Should I Exchange Money Before I Travel to Egypt?

Planning a trip to Egypt and unsure if you should exchange money in advance? Explore the merits and demerits of different money exchange options to help make your decision easier.


Egyptian money
Egyptian money

If you’ve decided to travel to Egypt and wondering, “Should I exchange money before I travel to Egypt?” then you’re not alone. It’s a common pre-journey dilemma that can take a toll on your trip’s budget, convenience, and safety. This article explores the different currency exchange methods, offering tips and tricks to get the most out of your Egyptian travel budget.

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Should I Exchange Money Before I Travel to Egypt?

Absolutely! It’s wise to exchange a small quantity of cash for immediate expenses on arrival, like a taxi fare or a bite to eat. You might be tired from your flight and not in the mood to hunt for an exchange bureau.
However, don’t go overboard with this initial exchange. Your home country often offers less favourable rates than Egypt. So, only change enough to cover your immediate needs upon landing.

The Credit Card Advantage

Using credit cards for hefty purchases in Egypt can be more economical, thanks to better exchange rates and added security. Nevertheless, it would good to check with your credit card provider about foreign transaction fees to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Travel Cards: A Handy Tool

Travel cards, loaded with Egyptian currency, can be an excellent way to govern your vacation spending. It prevents you from lugging around a fat wallet, thus ensuring security during your trip.
But, like everything else, these cards come with caveats. Be sure to research any associated costs, like loading fees or charges for ATM withdrawals.

ATMs in Egypt: A Reliable Option?

Yes, ATMs in touristic areas in Egypt usually dispense local currency, working around the clock. But, remember to check your bank’s international withdrawal fees.

Now, back to our initial question:

Should I exchange money before I travel to Egypt?

Yes, but only a little. Use credit cards or travel cards for substantial expenses and rely on local ATMs for petty cash.

Traveling and exploring different cultures is exhilarating. But financial hurdles should not throw a wrench in your plans. Knowing how to manage your money effectively can help make your Egyptian adventure a memorable one.

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