Hurghada, Egypt, with its crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse aquatic species, serves as a pristine destination for divers of all skill levels. Renowned for its rich marine life and remarkable diving opportunities, Hurghada is a haven for both seasoned divers and novices alike. This article will take you on a deep dive into the top SSI Diving Centers in Hurghada, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision for your next underwater adventure.

Dive into the Underwater World of Hurghada

Hurghada, a city on the Red Sea coast of Egypt, is world-renowned for its underwater environment teeming with vibrant coral reefs and a plethora of marine life. This city offers divers an extraordinary variety of diving experiences, from exploring ancient shipwrecks to swimming alongside diverse aquatic species. Diving in Hurghada is not just a sport; it’s an immersive experience that leaves you enriched, enlightened, and eager for more.

Diving Centers in Hurghada

Hurghada is home to numerous diving centers, each with its unique offerings and specialties. However, finding the right diving center that caters to your specific needs and preferences can be quite overwhelming. Here, we have compiled a list of the top four SSI Diving Centers in Hurghada to help simplify your search.

1. Diving Around

Diving Around
Center Diving Around

The Diving Center “Diving Around” is a PADI, SDI, CMAS, and SSI certified diving center located in Hurghada. Known for their high-quality services, including day diving trips and comprehensive scuba diving courses, Diving Around has earned a reputation for providing a superior diving experience. Their vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art diving facilities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable diving adventure.

2. Diving in Hurghada

Nestled on the eastern side of Hurghada, near the Marina, “Diving in Hurghada” is a PADI and SSI certified diving center. They offer both PADI and CMAS scuba diving courses, as well as diving day trips and comprehensive dive packages. The center is known for its professional services and comfortable atmosphere, making it a favorite among diving enthusiasts.

3. Undersea Adventures

Located in the southern part of Hurghada, “Undersea Adventures” is a 5-star PADI and SSI certified diving center. They offer PADI and SSI scuba diving courses, along with a variety of scuba diving day trips. Their extensive course offerings range from beginner courses to advanced specialty courses, catering to all levels of divers.

4. Divers Hub

Situated in the northern part of Hurghada, “Divers Hub” is a PADI and SSI certified diving center that offers a wide variety of scuba diving courses and day trips. Catering to all levels of divers, Funny Divers offers a variety of courses, from PADI, SSI, and CMAS beginner courses to advanced specialty courses and professional courses. They also offer an extensive range of diving options, from single day dives to multiple day packages.

Why Choose an SSI Diving Center?

SSI (Scuba Schools International) is a globally recognized certification agency for scuba diving. By choosing an SSI certified diving center, you are ensuring that your diving experience is guided by certified professionals who adhere to international standards of safety and instruction.

Exploring the Best Dive Sites in Hurghada

Hurghada boasts an array of stunning dive sites, each with its unique features and attractions. Whether you’re interested in exploring vibrant coral reefs, swimming alongside diverse marine species, or investigating ancient shipwrecks, Hurghada has you covered.

1. Abu Ramada Island

Abu Ramada Island is a popular dive site known for its calm, clear waters and sandy floor, making it an ideal spot for beginner divers. The island is home to a plethora of marine species, including colorful parrotfish, yellowtail barracuda, octopus, and more.

2. Shaab El Erg/Dolphin House

Located north of Hurghada, this reef is a favorite among divers due to its unique dolphin population. Here, divers stand a high chance of encountering dolphins amidst the rich marine life.

3. Marsa Abu Galawa (Careless Reef)

This isolated mid-sea reef is renowned for its coral forests and diverse fish population. Its strong currents make it an exciting spot for advanced divers.

4. Shaab Abu Nuhas (Wreck)

Offering one of the best wreck diving experiences in Hurghada, this dive site is home to several ancient shipwrecks. It also boasts a rich marine life, including glassfish, triggerfishes, lionfishes, and more.

5. Umm Gamar Island

Located in front of Hurghada, this island offers a unique diving experience with its magnificent coral gardens and cave opportunities. The island is also home to three pinnacles teeming with marine life.

Best SSI Diving Centers in Hurghada Conclusion

Hurghada offers a plethora of diving opportunities for both beginners and seasoned divers. Choosing the right SSI diving center can significantly enhance your diving experience, providing you with professional guidance and top-quality facilities. So strap on your diving gear and dive into the crystal-clear waters of Hurghada for an unforgettable underwater adventure.

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